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Every Smile is Handcrafted at our In-House Laboratory


Complete & Immediate Dentures

If you are having all of your teeth pulled, or your current complete dentures are worn, you will be requiring new complete dentures. When dentures are first made and put in place they are called "Immediate Dentures" and any denture after that is a "Replacement" denture



Implant assisted dentures are generally considered the best treatment option for patients with missing teeth. With as few as only 2 implants on the lower jaw, your chewing and denture stability can greatly improve


Titanium Partial Dentures

Our titanium partial dentures have plastic teeth which are connected by a titanium framework. This framework grabs onto and sits on your teeth. Although a metal partial is considered a permanent, long term tooth replacement, they still require relining and replacement 



Relines, Repairs, and More

Your gums shrink and change over time when you have missing teeth. This can cause dentures to become loose and they will require a reline to re-fit them. If a denture breaks, they can often be repaired. As a denture clinic, we also offer whitening trays & sports mouthguards

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